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    Urinary Incontinence, Vaginal Atrophy – Laser Treatment. Contraindications and Risks

    Exclusion criteria of laser treatment


    • younger than 18 years
    • with neurogenic bladders
    • with acute urinary tract infections
    • with urinary tract malformations
    • with organic pathologies of the bladder
    • with congenital urogynecological malformations
    • with treatments affecting vesico-sphincter dynamics
    • who have received pelvic radiotherapy
    • who have severe stress urinary incontinence
    • older than 70 years old
    • who are pregnant
    • taking photosensitive drugs
    • with a history of photosensitivity
    • with active infection in the area to be treated
    • with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
    • with diabetes
    • with anticoagulant or iron treatment
    • who are morbidly obese
    • with abnormal scars in the treatment area
    • with collagenopathies
    • with connective tissue disorders
    • with allergies to the analgesics of the products used (anesthetic cream, antiseptic solution)
    • with porphyria
    • with obstructed treatment area



    • Pain resulting from not allowing the topical anesthesia enough time to act.
    • Possibility of burns if inappropriate parameters are used.
    • Bleeding and changes in pigment (rare).
    • If the recommended parameters are met, the worst that can happen is that the procedure produces no marked improvement for the patient.
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