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    Incontinence of urine. Vaginal Rejuvenation. Laser Advantages with Surgical Techniques

    Childbirth and menopause can alter the vagina and pelvic floor causing urinary incontinence, difficulties during sexual intercourse, dryness or reduced lubrication, muscular atrophy, Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS), and decrease in the size of vaginal lips, all of which can affect quality of life and sexual relations..

    Gynecologists have long resorted to surgery to correct VRS, which allows the woman to recover her vaginal-perineal constitution giving the vagina the same strength it had before childbirth.

    These laser treatments serve to tighten the inner vaginal walls, the skin, and the mucous membranes of the labia majora and minora (outer and inner lips of vagina, respectively) and the results are the same as those obtained with a major surgery with long-lasting effects (an annual treatment).  The laser’s heat promotes the remodeling of the collagen in the vaginal mucosa reinforcing the walls of the vaginal canal increasing tropism (growth in response to a stimulus), tonicity, elasticity and tension.  In a previous urodynamic study, stress urinary incontinence or mixed urinary incontinence was radically improved after two laser sessions.  This new laser treatment provides a quick, convenient and effective solution for mild to moderate urinary incontinence syndrome (UIS).  The contraction ability of the treated tissues restore to women the normal capacity of urine retention without having to undergo more invasive surgeries.  The photothermal retraction achieved with the laser is minimally invasive, with no incisions or bleeding of the vaginal canal.


    Advantages of laser surgery


    Virtually painless.

    Diminished recovery time without discomfort, immediate return to daily activity and return to normal sexual activity within a week.

    With surgery, cuts are made to the vaginal walls and the canal is narrowed; with the laser, we thicken and tighten the vaginal walls.

    There is no sensitivity-loss making sexual intercourse much more pleasurable for the couple.  The degree of patient satisfaction is very high.

    No surgery or anesthesia is required and the laser is much less invasive.  It does not present the adverse effects and complications that surgery can have resulting in less morbidity.

    It does not produce scars.

    Reliable treatment.

    Maximum precision.

    The price of surgery is much higher than that of the laser treatment to which we must include the addition costs of surgical tape and mesh.

    Laser treatments can be used in combination with physiotherapy, gynecological osteopathy, lubrication, and hormone therapy, thus significantly reducing invasive surgical treatments.

    Many women forget their embarrassment and give priority to their quality of life.  Natural life changes in a woman’s 50s (social, work and sexual activity) are converting this issue into a real epidemic.  There is no doubt that the arrival of laser technology has helped to avoid surgeries in a notable population of patients.  Fractional laser is useful for those patients selected for such treatments, no longer limiting them to just surgery.  Unlike surgery, laser treatment is much more effective, exempt from the side effects of pharmacological treatments, and allows faster rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.

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