I notice some bumps or pimples on the vulva and the anus that are increasing.  What could it be?

It is necessary to rule out condylomata.

I’ve been told that with laser treatment genital warts can be cured definitively.  Is that true?

It is the ideal therapy in recurrent cases or those cases with extensive presence of warts.

I have been trying to get pregnant for six months now and we are starting to get nervous.

Don’t worry, have intercourse whenever you feel like it and if in six months time you are not pregnant, come and see us.  We can help you achieve pregnancy.

I am a woman and my partner is another woman, we would like to become pregnant and have our own child.  How can we do it?

Come to us for a consultation and we will explain all of the solutions.  Fortunately, Spanish legislation offers possibilities within the legal framework.

We would like to see who our baby looks like and what his/her face is like.

Come to us for a consultation and we will perform a 4D ultrasound after glucose or caffeine intake.

My ovaries hurt and the pain increases with intercourse.

We will perform an ultrasound to eliminate the presence of an ovarian cyst.

Each time I get my period it seems to hurt more, and I cant get pregnant.

We will have to rule out the possibility of endometriosis.

I have my tubes tied, I am in a relationship and we would like to have a child.  What should we do?

Come to us for a consultation and we can talk about the possibility of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

My discharge has a strong and unpleasant odor.

A vaginal culture is recommended; it could be a Gardnerella infection.

I have had various repeating miscarriages and I don’t think I will ever be able to have a baby.

You should have an infertility test performed and perhaps preimplantational genetic diagnosis before In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

I have intense genital itching and my discharge is very white and thick.

You should come for a consultation so that we can check for a yeast infection.

I had a 4D ultrasound done, but the baby hardly moved and we don’t have any good images.

We will try to give you more than one ultrasound option, in case that happens again.

I have severe pain while urinating and my vulva hurts a lot.

It could be genital herpes and/or a urinary tract infection.

I am only a few weeks pregnant and since yesterday I have observed blood loss and pain like when I have my period.

An ultrasound is recommended in order to check and make sure that it is not related to a miscarriage or retrochorial hematoma.

My girlfriends tell me that my stomach has hardly grown for the amount of time I have been pregnant.

It could be that the fetus is very fitted and the uterine height is low.  Additionally, after the second pregnancy, the abdomen is lower.

Lately my left breast hurts.

It may be pain that comes from the chest wall that is reflected through the breast.

I notice a bump on my right vulvar lip and it hurts.

It could be a Bartholin cyst.

Observo desde hace una semana un bulto en el pecho izquierdo que no me duele.

It’s probably not anything serious, but it is necessary to do some testing for proper diagnosis.

Can I eat meat if I am pregnant?

If the tests show that you are not immune to toxoplasmosis we would advise you not to eat raw meat.

Lately I have been experiencing urinary incontinence upon exertion.  What should I do?

Do pelvic floor exercises, if it doesn’t get better, we will perform urodynamics testing in order to better resolve the problem.

I would like to have a natural birth, and if it’s possible, without anesthesia.

Don’t worry, we will find the clinic or hospital that is right for you with the ideal midwife.

My sexual desire (libido) has decreased and do not know why.

A therapy-discussion is recommended in order to resolve this problem.

I have terrible hot flashes since my period has gone away.

Now a day we have a large arsenal of therapeutic and homeopathic ways to alleviate this problem.

I turned 50 and my vagina has started to hurt with intercourse.  Why is that?

It is probably caused by vaginal dryness and requires a local treatment based on vaginal tablets and/or vaginal cream.

I have had recurring yeast infections for the last two years, I take medication but then they come back.  Will I have them for the rest of my life?

You will have to have a long-term treatment, following the steps and advice that we can provide you with.

I am a carrier of the human papillomavirus (HPV), I know that it can cause cancer and I am scared.

A test is required to determine what type of HPV it is (with or without oncogenic risk), also a cervical study must be carried out, as well as the consideration of the possibility of papillomavirus vaccine.

If I have a sexually transmitted disease and I am pregnant is there any risk?  Can I give birth vaginally?

It depends on the type infection. There are two situations that require a cesarean: active genital herpes and the presence genital warts.

I suffer from endometriosis, I have undergone surgery twice and I cannot get pregnant.

We will have to apply assisted reproduction techniques safely.

I’m pregnant with twins and a one fetus is growing less than the other.  Should I be worried?

It is necessary to do a clinical study and check that it is not the start of a feto-fetal transfusion.

I have concerns about whether to continue with my hormonal contraception, to have an IUD inserted, to get my tubes tied or to convince my husband to have a vasectomy.

Do not rush into undergoing sterilization. If you are not completely sure, perhaps you could be have a progesterone IUD inserted in order to also reduce the volume of your periods.

I take the pill and I have blood loss, could the pill fail and get me pregnant?

There is no reason for the pill to fail if you always take it at the same time, but maybe it could be better for you to change your contraception pill (oral, vaginal, transdermal) so that you don’t have blood loss.

I don’t like how my breasts are after having given birth.

We can suggest the placement of breast implants.

I have analgesia and I want to find a solution.

We will speak with you and our team of psychiatric-sexologists will find a solution for your problem.

I have had a bone density test performed and I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  What should I do?

We will provide you with steps for treatment and adequate medical advice, together with the supervision of a rheumatologist.

I don’t know if I should have my daughters vaccinated with the papillomavirus vaccine.

It is a parent’s responsibility to vaccinate their daughters while they are not of age, now a day there is no scientific doubt about it.

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