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    At the onset of menopause, hormones levels in the blood decrease drastically which in many cases cause vaginal dryness also called vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA).  Vaginal mucosa is less vascularized, less hydrated, less elastic and becomes thinner, consequently the mucosa is atrophied.  At the same time, there is reduction and atrophy of the labia majora with atrophy of the vulva.

    f not treated properly, this dryness, at first only noticeable during sexual intercourse, will eventually lead to stinging, itching, vaginal discomfort, bleeding during sexual intercourse and a greater predisposition to infections.  When severe enough this itching can disrupt daily life, and once started it is difficult to resolve.  There are a broad range of pain conditions that can occur during intercourse from dyspareunia to vaginismus.  There are different treatments depending on stage of life, location and severity of pain, but most importantly consultation should be sought before the problem becomes chronic and leads termination of sexual relations.  In women with mild symptoms, these pathologies have so far been treated with known hormonal therapies, vaginal moisturizers and lubricants, but innovative, new techniques involving hyaluronic acid and laser are being employed.  Techniques that allow the recovery of elasticity, hydration and overall appearance of the vaginal area.  With the application of a local anesthetic, treatments are painless, allowing women to feel nothing at the time of the procedure.

    DESiRIAL from ISDIN laboratories is the first antioxidant gel of hyaluronic acid specially formulated to preserve vaginal health.

    The specific formulation consists of a mesh network that allows a product of high yield with extraordinary elasticity to be obtained.

    The following features of this IPN-Like technology stand out:


    -Great elasticity and viscoelasticity

    Action:  Antioxidant: Mannitol

    It reduces the inflammatory effect produced when injecting the product, promoting recovery and the duration of the treatment.

    Action:  Moisturizing: Sorbitol

    It enhances the moisturizing action of hyaluronic acid and contributes to the preservation of moisture of the treated area.

    The antioxidant gel hyaluronic acid injection behaves like a sponge that rehydrates, biostimulates and restores activity to keep vaginal tissues functioning well.  The application of a hyaluronic acid indicated specifically for the genital area offers some surprising results.

    Another treatable pathology is the Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus.  Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus is the thickening of the skin of the vulva, the perianal and/or perineal area.

    Until recently, the treatment of Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus was based on moisturizing creams and corticosteroids.  With the latter, the symptomatology improves but continuous and prolonged use of steroidal products can have the counterproductive effect of increasing the atrophy of the skin.

    A new treatment has recently been introduced:  hyaluronic acid (Desirial) injection.  This hyaluronic acid functions by attracting water to the tissue, thus achieving important and lasting hydration:

    It is a simple treatment, performed in-office with local anesthesia.  The effects are noticeable within the first month of administration and the maximum effect is apparent in three months, lasting approximately nine-twelve months.

    During the first week after the treatment, you must avoid crowded and wet places (swimming pools, gyms, spas, jacuzzis, etc.).  It is not necessary to take time off work and sexual intercourse should be avoided the first five days after application.

    In fact, hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin, but over the years it degrades.

    For this reason, the use of Desirial is a perfect complement for both laser surgery and hormone replacement therapy treatments.

    It can also be applied to young women who suffer from vaginal dryness due to an oncological treatment that has caused premature atrophy.


    1-Objective of “DESIRIAL” treatment

    1. Biostimulates and rehydrates the superficial layers of the skin and mucosa of the genital areas.
    2. Restores cutaneous tropism.
    3. Rehydrates and strengthens the skin through the hygroscopic effect of hyaluronic acid.


    Symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy:  dryness, irritation, itching, dyspareunia and feeling of tightness.


    Biostimulation and rehydration in the dermis and middle to deep mucosa.

    It soothes itching, restores volume, rehydrates the skin and mucosa, and stimulates fibroblasts (prompting collagen synthesis of the labia majora and vaginal opening).

    4-Technology:  IPN-Like

    Achieves optimum elasticity and viscosity in the genital area.  Mannitol injected with Desirial; interrupts the chain reaction leading to degradation of the injected hyaluronic acid.




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